Monday, 5 September 2011

The wanderer returns...

We have been quiet recently, but this week we're back in full force, the beat machine A-Dam Fiend has returned from Barcalona full of life...and colour.


First show to get back into the swing of things is in Sheffield with an allstar line up consisting of The Dopefiends of course, Dry Heaves the heavyweights of hardcore, all time greats Sports Day and Fast Point for one last time!

Check this mother out on facebook!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011


shit things change if only theyd stayed in the forests, id much rather be swinging from tree to tree and have like 2% body fat just pure natures tropical machine capable as fuck, taking care a business, getting vitamins, clever as fuck within our demos up on the side of this page, we writing our new set at this time be patient you know what dopefiends are like...besides look out for a damn fiend in barca live it lucky boy.

piece fiends £

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Below is a video like any other before, the most unprepared and overly stoned band attempt to play a parisian squat, the shambles unfolds....

So we didn't do to bad considering it was our 4th gig as just the three of us, go download the demo its all yours in the meantime we're going to write a proper set!

more releases announced soon
big sin in the city tonight

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Circle Of Life

just a path unwinding, its a wonder we didn't just do this shit in the first place but you've gotta shit a brick before you can shit a lump of gold aye? an this shits only bronze so we getting there.

beginning of new life, we can do this shit every week, release shit for you easy as fuck and free as shit, no bullet will stop us now!

Take your hard drives and ipods and technology faces over to our bandcamp page to download the new Higher Demo for fuck all apart from a few clicks of your clicky thing attached to your box or your fingers on your smartphone, oh so convenient, oh so easy!

So go get it done and support our strange and confused faces by just downloading that shit check it out tell a friend, theres ways of doing things just by clicking things its insane but you already know this.

peace and love on this glorious saturday check the demo then whack some Bob on.


Friday, 29 July 2011

dont be a doujon eat a chicken goujon

you smelly fucks, we're hopefully going to make the crossing to these european shows with ze eagulls which will be awesome.

and holy fuck we're uploading a new demo tomorow which will be available over in France and Belgium. Not feeling to chatty today as i am home in grimsby sobeur as a nun, new fartwork and all sorts next week.

cheeeers fiends rumour has it we're playing in Kingston the night before Paris aswell, look it up.


Saturday, 23 July 2011

i've got nothing to offer...

I am dearly sorry, we have no content and that is the reason for the lack of posting. But all you've got to do is hold tight because on wednesday night we are recording some new sounds, something fresh to dead and bury the old gear which has just got sour, to play and to think about.

Time has come to unleash the real DOPEFIEND sound, plus we're going to start making more shitty skate videos for y'all cos its almighty fun and why the fuck not, fuck poncey fucking indie fuckin skatin shit it aint epic unless the skatings epic no matter what modern as fuck whack track you lay over the background but fuck me skaters dont even look dirty anymore, take the fucking power back and piss your jeans whilst doin the most unstylish kickflip of your life just to stick it to the fruitloops, may aswell be fuckin rollerbladers for all I care.

Hmmmmmmm !shitty track recording! little insight into the demo up at bandcamp 'Are You Winning?' don't listen to anything but that song, you dont even have to go to the website but if you do heed my words.

peace fiends